INTIX 2024 Panel – Prolific 1 Leads Discussion on Venue Manifests

Las Vegas, NV (January, 2024) –

Venues, Promoters, and Artists have two ticket strategies for events – maximize sales and put fans in seats.

In today’s event landscape, it’s an extremely delicate balancing act to control inventory, deliver a value of purchase to consumers, and create a profitable show for all parties.

In the session moderated by Prolific 1 CEO, Mike Garvie, P1 staff Kyle Osolin (AVP of Music and Touring), Tim Mason (AVP of Business Analytics and Strategy), and our business partner, Ian Vaughn (Founder and CEO of RNC Entertainment) discussed how to accurately build manifests by integrating primary and secondary market data to achieve these initiatives. The team also dove into how having multiple pricing models based on market demand and analyzing real-time trends across the tour and similar markets will allow you to make critical adjustments post on-sale.

The panel provided valuable insight to venues and promoters through real life success stories.

Key learnings included:

  • Data & Insight – Understanding how historical and current data sets from the primary and secondary market can help assess each opportunity during the offer stage and ultimately build accurate manifests for each event.
  • Pricing Intelligence – Utilize dynamic pricing strategies and models to shift pricing throughout the sales cycle in order to fill the venue and meet revenue benchmarks.
  • Distribution Strategy – How to utilize primary market tools such as TM Platinum in combination with Prolific 1 to control inventory distribution and maximize revenue for in-demand locations.


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